• Why Sharjah?

    Sharjah is the UAE’s leading industrial and manufacturing capital and is home to 40% of all industries based in the country. Sharjah is among the top 10 business cities in the Gulf region and has the most diversified economy in the region. It has a model industrial area, including infrastructure projects for utilities that are provided at very reasonable rates. Labour and accommodation costs are also low in Sharjah compared to the other emirates.

  • I am always having trouble booking my hotel room, how can you help?

    We provide hotel booking services for exhibitors. You can fill up the online hotel reservation form, with your choice of hotel and we will take care of the rest.

  • Who is responsible for travel & accommodation?

    You can opt for your own travel agent to book the flights, whereas the hotel booking process is mentioned above.

  • Who is responsible for clearing my goods at the port/airport of Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi?

    We have an Official Ground Handling Agent, who will take care of all your cargo and re-shipment requirements. The contact details can be found on the exhibitor services link on this website.

  • Where can I keep my empty boxes to be re-used after the show? Do you have storerooms?

    For all your storage needs you can contact the official freight forwarder, who will take care of all your storage requirements.

  • I am an exhibitor and need a visa. How to apply? What are the fees? What do I need to submit? Can I do it online?

    We can arrange for your visa, subject to the approval of UAE immigration authorities, provided you email us a scanned passport copy (photo page, passport holder details page), scanned colour photograph, and a duly filled visa application form. A nominal fee of USD 80 per person is charged and has to be transferred to our account on submission of the above documents. We require a minimum of 15 days to process the 30 days’ visit visa. Requests received less than 15 days prior to the event will be charged at the rate of US$120 to be applied on urgent basis for a 14-day stay in the Emirates.

  • Can I pay the exhibition and other fees online?

    You can arrange to pay for the exhibition and other extra services charges by telex transfers, bank transfers, cash, cheques or demand drafts (cheques or demand drafts for local clients only) and credit cards (credit card payments by special request only).

  • How do I request a brochure?

    You can send us the mail on info@expo-centre.ae or fax to : 009716-5770111 requesting the brochure mentioning your complete contact details and your line of business.

  • When is the deadline for the submission of space application form and other forms?

    For submission of space application form please refer to the show catalogues and manual for the particular show. Submission of basic requirements of the company participation should be received 45 days prior to the event.

  • How do I apply for employment with Expo Centre Sharjah?

    YYou can apply through the career option mentioned on the website and send us the same by fax on 00971 6 5770111 or email us on info@expo-centre.ae

  • What are the sizes of your halls?

    The size of the hall is 4,000 sq.m.

  • How many halls do you have?

    We have six halls of 4,000 sq.m. each. Two halls can be interconnected to make it 8,000 sq.m.

  • What is the rental per hall per day?

    The per hall bare space rental per day is Dhs.56,000.

  • What is the rental per day for build-up and move-out days?

    The same rate of Dhs.56,000 per day is applicable for build-up and move-out days.

  • What are the services included in the rental?

    The services included in the rental are general lighting in the hall and hall air-conditioning.

  • Is the rental for 24hours?

    The hall rental is from 9 am to 10 pm.

  • Who is responsible for travel & accommodation?

    You can choose or opt for your own travel agent to book the flights whereas the hotel booking process is mentioned in the above question.

  • Is air-conditioning included in the rental?

    Yes, air conditioning is included in the rental.

  • Are security and cleaning included in the rental?

    Hall security and cleaning are not included in the rental.

  • Do you offer stand building services?

    Yes, we offer stand building services.

  • Do you handle visitor promotion for the show?

    Yes, we can handle visitor promotion for the event.

  • Where can I find information about special events or conferences?

    All events at Expo Centre Sharjah are listed on our website under events calendar.

  • How can I have things delivered to an exhibitor in one of the halls?

    By courier:

    When addressing courier deliveries, please be absolutely sure to use
    the complete address:
    Name of event
    Name of company
    Hall No./Stand No.
    Expo Centre Sharjah
    PO BOX 3222,
    Opp.Al Arab Mall